The Importance of Unplugging.

In today’s hyper-connected world it’s more important than ever to seek out experiences that help us to unplug and live life in the moment.  That is what spending time immersed in nature does for us. 

Whether you are navigating complex terrain or just taking in the rich natural beauty of an alpine meadow; thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow become distant and melt away.  There is only now, your heart pounding, muscles burning and the feeling of the elements that surround you.

Backpacking with kids

These experiences are grounding and exhilarating.  Modern man-made stresses vanish and you become truly connected to what it is to exist on this amazing planet we call home.  The only things that matter, the present day and the resources you have to get through it. 

The simplicity of now.  That is the freedom of the backcountry. 

This is our why.  This is why we introduce our children to the backcountry.  This is why we have such a passion to Get Out There and we love to share that passion with others.


Happy Trails ~

The Backcountry Collective

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