Fire Maple FMS-X2 X3 - Canister Stove Review

I've used the FireMaple stove for cooking and boiling water on six separate occasions and so far and I've been impressed with this little stove, here's why:

  • Boil time: Consistently around 3 min.
  • Roll Boil time - around 5 min.
  • Design - the stove comes with an adapter ring to allow you to use any pot you'd like. Do your menu plans require a frying pan?  No problem!
  • Design - the stove comes with a plastic fold out base for your fuel canister to slip into.  This base accommodates both 3.9 oz canister diameters as well as 8-16 oz canister diameters.
  • Design - The handle pivot lock on the heat exchanger pot, has a very sturdy intuitive lock mechanism that is very easy to lock into place.  Minimizing the chance of boiling hot water spills due to handle failure.
  • Non stick coating has proven both durable and effective when cooking.
  • Stove simmers well.

All and all at a packed weight of approx 600g this makes a very versatile personal or two person camp-stove.  Get one here.

I'm looking forward to more trips with this little piece of gear :)

Happy Trekking!

Jenn @ thebackcountrycollective