Review - 3F UL Gear Solo Backpacking Tent.

We took this tent out for a spin on our little family excursion to the Stein Valley with the kids last month. (4 season full nylon inner)  Here's what we've discovered about this little solo shelter.

1. It feels more spacious than it looks with lots of headroom and a hand-dandy vestibule opposite the tent entrance with a small zip-window.  Just the right size to store boots or a water bottle.

2. It holds heat well, the temperature dropped down to below zero one night and the inside of the tent stayed remarkably warmer.  

3. The tent is designed to avoid condensation issues.  There is adequate ventilation and the double wall design keeps you cozy and dry.  

4. Good wind resistance.  We had a blustery day and the tent managed through it like a champ.

5. Dead-easy and quick to pitch and tear down.   Packs up small and light.  (3lbs for 4 season)


3F UL Gear Solo Tent

(Windy day, gust head on with the tent entrance.)

Bonus - the 3FUL tents come with complimentary footprint.  All in all, a solid tent :)   It definitely gets our seal of approval.

If you're looking for a good, light-weight solo tent that will not break the bank; the 3F UL Solo is a worthy contender.

~ Happy Trails!  

Jenn @thebackcountrycollective