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What I’ve learned about the Fire Maple Star X2 Cooking System.

I’ve run a few stoves in my time spent backpacking.  Everything from pop-can stoves, white gas/Whisperlite and Simmerlite set-ups, Pocket-Rockets, Primus canister and multi-fuel stoves as well as Jet-Boil stoves.  A good stove can make the task of cooking at camp that much more enjoyable. We’ve used the Fire Maple now a number of times to both boil up water quickly and to cook meals that require a simmer.   What I’ve found wonderful about this little stove is it’s versatility and smart design. One part of the design that I really can’t say enough good about is this:    Fire Maple Handle locks into place.     Pot handle on the Joule for comparison. The Fire Maple’s handle locks into...

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