The Little Camp Light that Could - The Crazy Fire Solar LED Lantern.

We've taken this little guy out a few times and he's never failed to impress.  The LED lantern never seemed to run out of juice or brightness even after using it multiple evenings with periodic charging during the day.  It comes with a USB charger option so of course you can insure it's charged up and ready before a trip if you'd like. I find that just leaving it sitting in a windowsill the day before we leave is charge enough.  

How about topping up a phone?  Well I wouldn't rely on it to fully charge any smart-phone battery; however we were able to charge up an IPhone7 and IPhone 7 plus (on two separate occasions) to about 1/3rd battery power.  So for a bit of a top up, yes, this little solar battery will deliver.

It's Lit - Crazy Fire LED

We've found it to be pretty handy around camp in the evening and the kids seems to love taking it into their tent at night.  We don't mind so much with the Crazy Fire as that little battery can be recharged the next day!

Hope your next overnight trip is a great one!

~Jenn @ thebackcountrycollective