What I’ve learned about the Fire Maple Star X2 Cooking System.

I’ve run a few stoves in my time spent backpacking.  Everything from pop-can stoves, white gas/Whisperlite and Simmerlite set-ups, Pocket-Rockets, Primus canister and multi-fuel stoves as well as Jet-Boil stoves.  A good stove can make the task of cooking at camp that much more enjoyable.

We’ve used the Fire Maple now a number of times to both boil up water quickly and to cook meals that require a simmer.   What I’ve found wonderful about this little stove is it’s versatility and smart design.

One part of the design that I really can’t say enough good about is this:


FMS stove handle
 Fire Maple Handle locks into place.


Joule handle  
Pot handle on the Joule for comparison.

The Fire Maple’s handle locks into place.  The lock itself clicks into place when the pot handle is flipped down.  It is sturdy and in my experience so far, will not accidental release. In comparison with the JetBoil where a squeeze of the handle will cause it to collapse when the pot is tilted (think pouring hot liquid) or turned upside-down.  (think cleaning out the pot)

The next piece of ingenuity is the simple plastic stand for your fuel canister.   

Fuel Canister Stand Fuel Canister Stand opened

It is designed for both 4oz or 8-16oz diameter canisters. This small yet simple piece of brilliance helps to insure the entire set-up is stable when cooking.  I find I have much more comfort in the stability of the Fire Maple over other upright canister stoves I’ve owned because if it.

Onto the next little bits of brilliance about this stove, the pot/pan adapter ring (included).  

Pot/Pan Adapter Ring

Need a bigger pot? No problem! Bring it, this stove is versatile enough to accommodate that. Does your meal plan require a frying pan?  Bring that along too. I love that the creators of this stove kept versatility in mind and all of these great accessories are INCLUDED with the stove.  

Now onto the last thing I love about this stove is its ability to maintain a simmer.  On our last family camping trip, when teamed up against the Joule; the FMS X2 required far less attention and fidgeting of the gas valve to keep the simmer steady.  Making actual cooking with this stove really simple and not one instance of scorch on the pot bottom.

 Fire Maple pot - clean and scorch free

I had meant to share this stove to get a second review from one of my @thebackcountrycollective compadre’s but I really find myself reluctant to give up this little piece of gear.  It’s 100% my new favourite stove.

And when you love something, sometimes it is a bit difficult to share :-P

Happy Trekking!

Jenn @thebackcountrycollective.