About Jenn Epp

I started my love for all things backcountry at a young age.   When I was young, I lived for every opportunity to get out hiking, fishing and camping with my family.

Fast forward to now.  I've spent the last 20 years doing the things I love; with small slow-downs to become a mom and raise a family.   My best backcountry memories are those where we just picked up the Topo maps, solved out a potential route and then hit GO :)

These days my exploring has slowed down a bit.  We have 3 school aged kids which makes those backcountry trips a little more complex, but I'm happy to say we still pull them off :)  The most rewarding thing in the world is seeing the big silly grins of your kids; enjoying the natural beauty of the world, just as you once did.   

It's kind of like coming full circle.

Enough about me!  ((Well if you want to know more you can always ask via *contact us*))

For now I'll just leave you with this Goat Lake photo from our last backcountry "slack-pack" family trip to Cathedral Park in Beautiful British Columbia :)