About Kelly Criss

Kelly grew up in the Clearwater BC backcountry.  As early as he could remember, he'd jump on a bike and head into "the management" to explore fishing opportunities at the local lakes.  As a young adult Kelly spent time in the Canadian Military and there learned how to survive in really extreme conditions. 

Today Kelly has 3 children and it's been important to him to pass on his love of the wilderness with them.  His can-do attitude to family backcountry trips is inspiring.

He has a fantastic ability to be resourceful in the wilderness and a no-nonsense attitude about the gear he chooses to accompany him on his excursions.  He is an avid fisherman and 80% of the time, his choice in backcountry locations usually involves lakes and rivers. His dream is to one day offer guiding services but until that day - he's agreed to lend some time to help build The Backcountry Collective.