About Us

Welcome to The Backcountry Collective!     We created the Backcountry Collective to source out good quality backcountry gear from lesser known providers, bring it all together and make it available in one spot.  Our motto is "If we wouldn't pack it, we wont stock it."   

Between the four of us, we have enjoyed backcountry activities for a combined 80 years.  We'd like to think we have developed a good eye for backcountry gear, for knowing what works as well as an ability to spot unique and useful gear ideas and designs. 

Our goal is to operate as a collective, at this time joining us (making an account) is free!  If you've made a purchase at the store and you've got some good miles on your hiking boots and you feel inclined to become a contributor - feel free to give us a shout!

Hit the trail.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.  We love hearing from customers and or anyone who has spent some quality time in the great outside.   

Honestly we'd all rather be playing outside :)


The Backcountry Collective

Jenn Epp

Kelly Criss

Nikki Hoeppner  and

Kevin the TBC Sherpa & Pack Llama